Marketers Promoting iOS Apps Get Download Tracking From Google AdWords (But Only On Ads Served In Mobile Apps)


Back in April, Google released new AdWords features aimed at marketers of apps, including the ability to track conversions in the Google Play store. This week, the company followed up with a similar feature for iOS, which allows tracking of iOS downloads in the Apple app store when they are generated by an ad served in a mobile app.

Although Google has built the tracking into its AdMob ad serving system, there’s still no tracking for iOS app downloads driven by ads served on Google search or on the Google Display Network.

To implement the conversion tracking — which will enable advertisers to optimize for conversions — advertisers integrate a small software development kit (SDK) into their app, then paste a small snippet of code into the app’s code to call the SDK.

This is what the snippet will look like.

(Here are the detailed instructions from Google.)

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