Google Cofounder Sergey Brin Spotted Wearing The “Google Glasses”


Photo By Thomas Hawk, Used Under Creative Commons License

When Google’s “X” team confirmed the rumors this week and disclosed that the company was working on Augmented Reality glasses (Project Glass), it came with the tag-line “one day.” That lead me and others to wonder if there were actually glasses or a working prototype or whether it was all hypothetical.

It was reasonable to infer from Google’s presentation of the project that it was still more aspiration than reality. Not so according to images from Robert Scoble, who photographed Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing them at a charity event.

While we can’t see what Brin is seeing and whether the glasses work as advertised in the video below, they are apparently real. Brin’s glasses are somewhat better looking than the images of models wearing the device released by Google this week.

While some people would buy such headgear regardless of cost, pricing will largely determine how widely adopted they will be. For now there’s no word on how soon this will come to market (“one day”). But from the look of it that appears closer that we might have expected.

Now for a very funny parody video of what might go wrong wearing the goggles.

See also reports from around the web about Brin’s outing with the glasses for more tidbits about them on Techmeme, as well as our post on Search Engine Land from earlier this week: Meet Project Glass: Google’s Siri For Your Eyes.

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