Mobile Affiliate Traffic, Sales Reach All-Time Highs In May [Affiliate Window]


affiliate-marketingMobile traffic and sales at affiliate websites hit all-time highs in May, according to the affiliate network Affiliate Window.

The company shared its May stats this week, which show the increasing impact of mobile in the affiliate space: more traffic and more sales are coming from mobile devices than ever before.

Affiliate Windows says it’s recorded more mobile sales so far in 2013 than it did in the first 11 months of 2012. In May, there was a record of 572 sales per hour via mobile devices.

Across its network, 18.16 percent of all sales in May were mobile. That’s up from 16.48 percent in April, and more than double the 7.85 percent figure from May 2012.


Affiliate Window says the iPad is the number one device for sales, with about 57 percent of the total. The iPhone is second at 23 percent. Android devices account for 15.2 percent of sales that the company tracks.

Mobile traffic also set a record in May with 22.31 percent of overall network traffic — up from 10.95 percent in May 2012.


The iPad is also the top device where mobile traffic is concerned, but not by the margins mentioned above for sales. For traffic, the iPad accounts for about 39 percent compared to about 34 percent for the iPhone. In other words, there’s a group of consumers that may visit sites on the iPhone, but prefer to buy via the iPad.

Android devices accounted for about 21 percent of Affiliate Window network traffic in May.

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