Latest Twitter Experiment, @AchievementBird, Shares Analytics Via Direct Message



Twitter’s latest experimental account uses direct messages to send users updates on milestones such as how many times you’ve been retweeted and favorited. It’s called @AchievementBird, and it appears to work in much the same way as other Twitter experiments like @MagicRecs and @EventParrot.

If you’re following @AchievementBird, Twitter will send direct messages with statistics about how your accounts and tweets are performing. The account is set to private and my request to follow a few hours ago hasn’t been approved yet.

We caught wind of the new experiment via TechCrunch’s article, which included this screenshot from Twitter user Owen Williams:


In reply to Williams’ tweet, Vasely Sapunov tweeted that he’s been using @AchievementBird “for a couple of months” and says that he gets a direct message every day at 5:01. (I’m guessing that’s AM.)

Twitter already offers these same statistics via its platform, and other services also provide basic stats about tweet and account performance. Twitter may be betting that direct messages are the most convenient way to get this data to interested users and reward their daily accomplishments.

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