Hitwise: Google Has Top Mobile Website And 5 Of The Top 10


google-mobile-featuredExperian Marketing Services (Hitwise) announced Hitwise Mobile today, a new service that offers traffic and related data about mobile user behavior in 170 categories and for 4 million mobile sites on a global basis.

For the week ending February 23, Google had the top mobile site overall in the US. It also had four more in the top 10: Gmail, News, YouTube and Maps.

Hitwise mobile Feb 2013

For all the talk of Facebook mobile usage, it was third behind Google and YouTube in Hitwise’s rankings (app traffic is not included, however).

Compare mobile Web traffic for January. The difference is that Yahoo Answers essentially displaced ESPN.com in February.

Hitwise mobile data

In addition to ranking mobile Web traffic, Hitwise is comparing PC vs. mobile traffic in various categories. In the case of some of the deal and sports sites, mobile traffic far exceeds PC traffic.

PC vs. mobile web traffic

The data in the charts above are drawn from both smartphones and tablets. As mentioned, the data essentially don’t include mobile apps.

However, as comScore and Nielsen have both pointed out, the overwhelming majority of time on mobile is spent in apps. Consequently, the data above are not entirely reflective of the entire population of mobile users.

Currently, Hitwise doesn’t break out the data by operating system.

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