Google Glass Adds Voice Commands, Basic Web Browser


google-glass-logo-200pxThe latest software update for Google Glass is rolling out to owners this week, and brings a few very welcome features that expand the device’s capabilities.

Basic Web Browsing

First up is what sounds like a very basic web browsing experience that’s available after doing a search. As I pointed out in my How Search Works on Google Glass article in May, Glass hasn’t had any web browsing — all search results (and other web information) shows up as “cards” in the Glass timeline.

The update brings a “view website” option to Glass search results, and once on a web page, users can scroll down, zoom in and click — and the Glass announcement explains a way to “pan,” too. (I don’t have the software update yet and I’m having trouble imagining what they’re describing there.)

More Voice Commands

Glass’ hands-free capabilities are being expanded. Users will be able to read and reply to text messages, answer incoming phone calls and share photos by speaking commands.

None of those, though, affect the Glass home screen. The primary seven “ok, Glass” voice commands on the home screen appear to be unchanging.

Improved and expanded voice control is one of the things I included in my recent 14 Things Google Glass Needs article.

Messaging Gmail Contacts

The update also makes it easier to send messages or make phone calls to existing Gmail contacts.

I’m interested in checking out the web browser, particularly, and trying the new voice commands. Can’t provide any screenshots at the moment since my Glass isn’t getting the software update yet.

Google says it’ll be sent out automatically to Glass owners in the next couple days. As always, the device will need to be plugged in and have an internet connection to get the update.

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