Study: 50 Percent Of Insurance Seekers Start On Mobile Devices


Mobile path 2 purchase The latest data release from its “Mobile Path to Purchase” research, Nielsen, xAd and Telmetrics have produced an infographic containing findings about the use of mobile devices in insurance shopping.

The 2013 Mobile Path-to-Purchase study was based on online survey data (n=2,000) and behavioral observation from “Nielsen’s Smartphone Analytics Panel of 6,000 Apple and Android users.” The broader study looked at mobile activities and purchase behavior in a range of vertical markets.

The insurance markets covered in this data release were health, auto and homeowners insurance (US only). On average insurance purchase decisions were made after at least a month of consumer research involving multiple devices. The study found that ultimately 40 percent of conversions happened over the phone (“offline”). The rest happened in local insurance agent offices, on tablets or PCs.

Tablets were very heavily used in the insurance research process — largely in the home as PC substitutes or supplements.

Very few insurance-related conversions happened as e-commerce transactions on smartphones. Yet smartphones were a critical element in the consumer research process.

According to the study 40 percent of insurance research time was spent on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and 25 percent of study participants used mobile devices exclusively in their research. Half of insurance buyers began their research on mobile devices as well.

Each of the verticals studied in the Mobile Path to Purchase research show slightly different usage patterns and nuances. The insurance vertical perhaps more than some of the others is a multiscreen story. That’s partly because it’s such a high-consideration and research-intensive category.

While calls, local office visits and the PC were all involved in insurance purchase decisions and conversions, marketers neglecting mobile (organic and ads) are potentially missing out on leads and opportunities to reinforce their brands and messaging with mobile and mobile-first users.

You can download the broader mobile path to purchase report here (registration required).

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