Pulsar Teams With DataSift To Offer Facebook Topic Data



Social data analytics provider Pulsar will offer clients access to Facebook topic data, teaming up with data-intelligence firm DataSift, Facebook’s broker for the in-depth marketing data.

Facebook topic data gives marketers the ability to sift through what Facebook’s 1.44 billion users are saying about brands, products, activities and anything else that might help businesses inform marketing campaigns. In March, Facebook announced a partnership with DataSift, currently the only company that can provide access to the anonymized and aggregated data stream.

Last month, Nuvi became the first social listening platform to sign a deal with DataSift.

Today, Pulsar became the second. In a release, Pulsar said that Facebook topic data will allow its clients — which include Tesco, Mazda and NBC Universal — to better understand the audience and improve the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Topic data, the company said, can replace traditional, more expensive consumer research methods and test almost any hypothesis you can think of.

Francesco D’Orazio, vice president of product at Pulsar and co-founder of the Visual Social Media Lab, explained in the release:

“Anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data is a whole new model for extracting value from social data, designed to protect users’ privacy while at the same time fostering a more solid and replicable way of doing social media research. We believe this will be transformative not only for the marketing industry but also government and the third sector too, as these organizations seek to innovate and integrate big data into their social research and planning.

“Facebook is a global platform and the biggest social network in the world. This scale makes it more relevant to think of anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data more as a census than a sample, coming close to 100% coverage of some population groups.

“By integrating Facebook topic data into Pulsar, we are enabling our clients to conduct robust market research by providing massive scale, top quality data, and deep demographic insight in a way that protects people’s privacy. This will result in both improved content and campaigns as well as confident and better-informed decision-making.”

Postscript: A previous version of this post stated that DataSift has an exclusive deal with Facebook to provide access to topic data. Although, DataSift is currently the only company with access to the data stream, Facebook has said it eventually plans to expand availability.

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