Old Spice Uses #NatureFacts Hashtag For Nature-Themed Fresher Collection Campaign



Earlier this month, Old Spice launched a campaign to promote its new line of nature-themed body spray and deodorant called Fresher Collection. The brand gave the products names like Nest, Log, Roar, Woods and Coconut.

The campaign launched with a two-minute video explaining how using Old Spice Fresher Collection can bring one closer to nature, complete with “nature facts” brought to you by “a group of Old Spice neuroscientists.”

Building the video above, Old Spice followed up with five 30-second spots:

The brand is using the hashtag #NatureFacts for this campaign, tweeting out humorous “facts” in conjunction with their videos. It seems they are getting the exact association they were going for with this campaign: think about nature, think about Old Spice.

As part of the campaign, Old Spice placed a the Old Spice Nature Exchange Vending Machine in Grand Central Station this past weekend — a vending machine that would dispense real-world gadgets in exchange for items from nature that people supplied.

For example, a shark tooth fossil would get karate lessons; an owl pellet would get a telescope; a lava rock would get a gold watch; pyrite would get an electric guitar; and pine needles would get a root beer float. Sounds easy — except for the fact that the vending machine was placed in the center of Manhattan’s concrete jungle.

Old Spice spokesman Terry Crews made an appearance at the Grand Central Terminal event, too!


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