LinkedIn & Twitter Ad Revenue Continue To Climb


There is no slow-down in sight for social advertising. According to eMarketer, Twitter ad growth is projected to be up 83% in 2012 and LinkedIn will see a 46.1% increase.  Twitter 2012 advertising revenues are estimated to be 259.9 million while LinkedIn will be close behind at 226 million.

Twitter ad revenue is extremely U.S. heavy, with 90% of revenue coming from the states.  Outside countries will make up just 26 million in revenue in 2012.  The ad number is expected to double by 2014 to 540 million dollars worldwide.  This total revenue is tallied up from paid ads only, no costs towards maintaining a Twitter presence.

LinkedIn ads have shown both lower revenues and a lower growth rate than Twitter Ads to date.  Contrary to Twitter, 32% of advertising dollars come from overseas.  LinkedIn also has a very positive ad forecast over the coming years.  2014 numbers show an estimate of 405.6 million in revenue.

For more information and data, see the full eMarketer report.

About The Author

Greg Finn is the Director of Marketing for Cypress North, a company that provides world-class social media and search marketing services and web & application development. He has been in the Internet marketing industry for 10+ years and specializes in Digital Marketing. You can also find Greg on Twitter (@gregfinn) or LinkedIn.



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