Your Vine Search Results Will Now Include Vines



Vine has updated its iOS app to to set its search results in motion. Now people who search within Twitter’s six-second video network will be served … Vines.

Previously, results were limited to Vine accounts and hashtags; users had to tap through to a tag or a person to get to Vine content. After the update, when people visit the Explore tab and tap in a search query, they will see a selection of most popular and recent Vines below the sections for accounts and hashtags.

There’s a toggle to switch between top and recent posts, giving people options for exploring. It’s a relatively minor update but definitely a better search experience.

Here’s how it looks:

Vine said the update will be rolling on its iOS app in the coming weeks and will “soon be on Android.”

About The Author

Martin Beck was Third Door Media’s Social Media Reporter from March 2014 through December 2015.



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