Top 10 Video Creators Across YouTube, Facebook, Vine & Instagram: BuzzFeed Takes The Cake


BuzzFeed was the undisputed leader in online video content last month, with two of its content divisions — BuzzFeed Video and BuzzFeed Food — earning spots on ReelSEO’s top ten list of video creators in June.

Using video analytics from its parent company Tubular Labs, for June 2015, the video marketing guide ranked last month’s top ten most watched video creators across the big four social networks — YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Instagram.

Focusing on brands that created mostly original content, ReelSEO reports that BuzzFeed’s combined video views — from both its BuzzFeed Video content and BuzzFeed Food content — reached an astounding 1.226 billion in June.

At 835 million views, BuzzFeed Video took the No. 1 spot with nearly double the number of views as the No. 2 video creator, Taylor Swift, whose TaylorSwiftVevo videos earned 433 million views. BuzzFeed Food ranked No. 4 with 391 million views and 1.4 million new followers.

Swift and the NBA, which ranked No. 3, tied for new followers, both winning 2.6 million new fans across the four social networks.

Other video creators to make the list included the the WWE at No. 5 and YouTube personality PewDiePie at No. 10.

ReelSEO’s Top 10 Cross-Platform Video Creators in June

  1. BuzzFeed Video: 835M views/964K new followers
  2. TaylorSwiftVEVO: 433M views/2.6M new followers
  3. NBA: 431M views/2.6M new followers
  4. BuzzFeed Food: 391M views/1.4M new followers
  5. WWE: 389M views/1.4M new followers
  6. Little Baby Bum: 358M views/245K new followers
  7. FunToyzCollector: 356M views/200K new followers
  8. TheDiamondMineCraft: 328 views/464K new followers
  9. Netd Müzik: 319M views/144K new followers
  10. PewDiePie: 317M views/1.3M followers

ReelSEO also analyzed online engagement data for the creators and found the NBA’s video engagement was far above the other top ten creators. At 11.7% for June, the NBA’s video activity was more than double the next in line for engagement, PewDiePie, whose videos earned 4.9% engagement. More than half of the brands generated less than 3% engagement.

You can view ReelSEO’s full leaderboard here: Top Online Video Creators Across Social Platforms. The site has also broken down the top creators by platform for Facebook, Vine and Instagram.

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