Report: Automotive Sector Saw a 377% Increase In Social Video Shares This Quarter


Video clickVideo technology company Unruly released a Social Video Quarterly Report for Q1 2013 today, the first in a new series of quarterly reports measuring social video advertising trends.

According to their findings, the Entertainment sector won 28.7 percent of total shares for social videos, followed by the FMCG/CPG, Tech and Automotive sectors. The two entertainment video campaigns that drove the most shares were a set of two trailers for the movie Fast & Furious 6, which generated a combined 4,090,803 shares and Fox’s ad for the ‘Homer Shake‘ episode of the The Simpsons which garnered 568,111 shares.

Universal’s video sharing success for Fast & Furious 6 was the result of a shorter “game day” trailer for the Super Bowl combined with an extended trailer that was aired two days after the Super Bowl.

Unruly Q1 2013 Report Online Video Trends

While the Entertainment sector was the strongest vertical with a total of 9,824,300 shares in Q1 2013, Entertainment video shares this quarter experienced a slight drop from total shares received in Q4 2012.

Video shares for FMCG/CPG, Tech and Auto all experienced growth this quarter with the Auto sector gaining the largest increase, seeing a 377 percent growth rate between Q4 2012 and Q1 2013. According to Unruly’s report, this significant increase for Auto video shares was expected because of the auto manufacturers’ usual focus on Super Bowl advertising.

Unruly Social Video report Q1 2013

Video sharing across all sectors received a boost this quarter from the regular influx of Super Bowl advertising. The most popular FMCG/CPG video with 2,420, 285 shares was Budweiser’s ‘Brotherhood‘ ad. Not only was it the No. 1 Super Bowl ad this year, it was the second most shared Super Bowl ad of all time.

This quarter’s leading Auto video was Chrysler’s Ram truck ad, ‘Farmer‘ that generated 824,763 shares and won the No. 2 Super Bowl ad behind Budweiser’s ‘Brotherhood’. While the Auto sector experienced the most growth since last quarter, the Auto sector ranked fourth for most videos shared after the Entertainment, FMCG/CPG and Tech sectors.

The most shared Tech video this quarter was mobile Internet firm Three’s ‘Dance Pony Dance‘ with 932,442 shares followed by’s ‘What Most Schools Don’t Teach.’

The Unruly Q1 2013 Social Video Report was created using data supplied by Unruly Analytics, the video technology firm’s cloud-based dashboard that measures a video’s total shares, shares by platform, views, views by platform, comments and likes in real-time.

An open beta of the Unruly Analytics dashboard is available in two versions: The Benchmark Edition to measure a brand’s social footprint against competitors, and the Campaign Edition that provides real-time insight into a video campaign’s specific analytics.

According to a release announcing the Unruly Analytics dashboard, the social video measurement tool leverages the company’s proprietary technology and has tracked more than 329 billion video views, measuring seven years’ worth of historical video-sharing data across YouTube, Facebok, Twitter and the blogosphere.

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