Google Files Patent To Replace Social Media Marketers



Google is playing the social card–again. The company was just issued a patent yesterday that hints at a system that will keep it relevant within the social game, this time, in assessing trends that will help users, companies, and brands tailor their social media posts according to copy that often resonates to drive engagement across social media shares.

The proposed system is built on email communication, and the idea is quite simple: a link is shared from one user to another. When the link is clicked, Google will utilize a pop-up system that will suggest how to share the link on social media. To this end, Google understands that email is just one way of communicating, but wider distribution is required for “sharing links and for engaging in a conversation,” the patent says.

Google's Patent for Social Media Suggestions via Email

The patent also suggests that Google will be identifying content within the email to propose different topics/copy that the user will be able to post. For example, the image above is a link sharing a new book. Three potential suggestions for copy allow users to post updates pointing to their “favorite author,” “new book,” or “I’ve been a reader of…” giving users suggestions on angles they could use to make the content more socially compelling, encouraging engagement on these broadcasts. This amplifies the conversation beyond the email and into the social media fray.

Of course, this also gives Google a strategic edge in the social media marketing game, offering those struggling to write good social media copy a push, and perhaps very much replacing social media marketers from working with smaller brands needing an inspirational boost.

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