Twitter Is Now Displaying Fuller Versions Of Photos In Your Web Feed



Twitter is dropping the crop.

Starting today, the social media network will display fuller versions of photos in Twitter users’ web feeds. That means an end to awkward crops that cut off people’s heads or zero in on inappropriate parts of images.

Now square and landscape photos will display fully in feeds, instead of requiring a click to see the entire image. It’s very good news for people and marketers who post a lot of photos and who no longer will have to worry about re-cropping images that appear oddly on Twitter.


The move is another in a string of Twitter efforts to shift beyond its text-based beginnings into a multimedia platform. Last January it gave people the ability to upload video to the network and more recently made video autoplaying. This fall it launched “Moments,” which presents events and Twitter-fueled narratives in a visually focused way.

In today’s update, Twitter also revamped its multi-photo display. Previously, it showed up to four photos with rectangular crops, a design that made it difficult to see any of the photos. Now when people post multiple photos, the display is similar to a Facebook collage, with one photo shown larger and others shown as thumbnails to the side.


About The Author

Martin Beck was Third Door Media’s Social Media Reporter from March 2014 through December 2015.



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