New Conversion Lift Reports Will Help Twitter Advertisers Capture The Impact Of Ad Exposure On User Response



Most direct response and conversion-oriented marketers know that last-click attribution simply leaves too many touch points out of the conversion equation. Today, Twitter has announced a way to help gauge the effectiveness of ad exposure (including cross-device campaigns) on conversions with new “Conversion Lift Reports.” The goal of the new reports is to help marketers capture the incremental lift that ad exposure has in the ad process.


In order to set up the campaigns, advertisers need to first request a study through Twitter. Then a target audience is segmented into two groups:

  • One that sees your the Twitter ads (test group)
  • One that won’t see your Twitter ads (control)

These groups are then measured against conversion tracking for websites and mobile apps (and can even leverage carrier switching for telcos), and the report shows the lift generated by the ad exposure. This will be a boon for internal marketers stuck in a last-click attribution world who are looking to gather corporate buy-in or for anyone that has a longer conversion process.


So far, the early results to Twitter ad exposure have been significant. Users who were served a Promoted Tweet were 1.4x more likely to convert than the control, and users who were engaged in the Promoted Tweet were 3.2x more likely to convert:


All managed clients across the globe can now request conversion lift reports. To initiate, advertisers will need a campaign set to start in the future and will need conversion tracking installed. Once you’re ready, simply contact your account team to run.

For more information, see the official Twitter blog post.

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Greg Finn is the Director of Marketing for Cypress North, a company that provides world-class social media and search marketing services and web & application development. He has been in the Internet marketing industry for 10+ years and specializes in Digital Marketing. You can also find Greg on Twitter (@gregfinn) or LinkedIn.



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