Four Tools To Break You Out Of The Keyword Research Box



Keyword research is a fundamental activity for an SEO professional, and although everyone does it a little bit differently, there are a few typical steps most people employ:

  1. Come up with a list of base keywords that will be used to come up with more ideas.
  2. Expand upon your base keywords using autosuggest and/or other means.
  3. Find search volume, competition and/or prioritize your list of keywords.

This post will tackle some little-known, alternative ways to accomplish steps 1 and 2, to come up with a greater number of keyword ideas without relying purely on brainstorming or the Google Keyword Planner.

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About The Author

Paul Shapiro is Director of Strategy and Innovation for Catalyst in Boston. Paul loves to get down and dirty with innovative SEO strategies. He also enjoys watching old horror movies, programming, collecting ancient artifacts, and writing about SEO on his blog, Search Wilderness.



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