Facebook & Twitter Data Partner Datalogix Acquires Shopper Analytics Firm Spire Marketing


DatalogixDatalogix, a third-party data partner of both Facebook and Twitter, is acquiring shopper intelligence firm Spire Marketing, according to an Ad Age report.

Datalogix helps marketers marry offline purchasing data to digital ad performance. It is one of the data providers that powers Facebook’s partner categories, which allow advertisers to target audiences based on Datalogix consumer data as well as Facebook’s own targeting categories. Twitter has also partnered with Datalogix, initially to help CPG brands advertising on the platform to measure the offline sales impact of their digital campaigns.

Spire, founded in 2007, tracks transaction data from 24 grocery chains encompassing more than 2,100 stores and the loyalty card data of over 30 million U.S. households, works with both the retailers and CPG companies to understand consumer purchasing habits and increase sales.

Datalogix CEO Eric Roza told AdAge he expects the acquisition to help the company expand its reach into shopper marketing where the ad buys for CPG are often controlled.

“We think there’s going to be some really interesting cross pollination, which no one really has tried to do, between mid-size specialty retailers and mid-size grocers, which are two groups of retailers who’ve had nothing to do with each other historically, but we think they share a lot in common,” said Roza.

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