Collective And ZenithOptimedia Tout Success Of Online TV Analytics Platform


video-tv-ads-marketingCollective, an advertising technology company, announced this week that its partnership with advertising agency ZenithOptimedia shows how marketers can connect more effectively to their target television audience.

ZenithOptimedia is using Collective’s TV Analytics platform to align online behavior of customers and potential customers with TV preferences. That data is then used to help determine what advertising to buy. ZenithOptimedia executives, presenting at the American Association of Advertising Agencies Transformation conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, said the platform has increased conversion, improved efficiencies and helped make inroads with competitor customers.

“About 78% of – or eight out of ten – shoppers use the Internet to research products and services. Collective’s TV Analytics product has been critical in enabling our clients to use real-time, in-market data to determine what networks and shows they should buy,” ZenithOptimedia President John Nitti said in a press release. “Of course, our clients have been equally impressed, both by the greater level of insights and by the efficiencies our optimizations are able to provide them.”

As part of the demonstration, Collective put tracking cookies on the 4A’s website months ago and was able to show habits of the marketing professionals in the audience. Among the findings, participants watch a lot of the Bravo network and ABC’s “20/20” and “Super Fun Night” are the most watched shows.

“We’re thrilled that the 4A’s recognized the innovative opportunity to showcase how TV Analytics enables marketers, for the first time ever, to use real-time online consumer data to optimize their TV spend (and not just their digital spend). Making TV buys even 10% more effective in a $70B market can drive billions in savings for advertisers,” said Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective, in the release. “Our goal has always been to help brands connect to their most valuable consumers in an evolving, tech-informed world.”

Here’s the full press release: Demonstrating the Power of Online Data to Enhance TV Planning

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