5 more super-common SEO mistakes content marketers make



When you aren’t marrying your SEO efforts with your content marketing, you aren’t going to get the best results. As an optimization geek, I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck (and effort). Because of this, it pains me to see other content marketers making these simple and easy-to-fix mistakes in their campaigns.

Last month, I looked at five common SEO mistakes that content marketers make. Today, in part two, I explore five more costly SEO mistakes to avoid so that you can take your content marketing farther than ever before.

1. No systematic outreach

In a perfect world, great content would spontaneously yield loads of great backlinks. In the real world, however, you need to promote your content to the right audience.

The best way for people to see great content is to generate buzz about it. In part one, we discussed utilizing a power user to start the viral spread to get your content noticed by the linkerati. Another approach is to contact the linkerati directly, via email.

Fair warning: It isn’t as easy as sending out bulk emails to the effect of, “Hey, I think your readers would appreciate the following.” Successful influencer outreach breaks down into three stages….

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About The Author

Stephan Spencer is the creator of the 3-day immersive SEO seminar Traffic Control; an author of the O’Reilly books The Art of SEO, Google Power Search, and Social eCommerce; founder of the SEO agency Netconcepts (acquired in 2010); inventor of the SEO proxy technology GravityStream; and the host of two podcast shows The Optimized Geek and Marketing Speak.



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