Urban Airship Enables Real-Time Mobile Data Insights For Marketers


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“Don’t cross the streams” was the famous line from the movie, “Ghostbusters.” But that’s exactly what Urban Airship is trying to help marketers do.

In September of this year, the Portland, Oregon-based company introduced what it called Urban Airship Connect, which seeks to enable in-app user data to be distributed to any tool or system (e.g., CRM) in an organization. The idea is to take mobile data and in-app user interactions and make them available across channels. That enables mobile data to be used to optimize marketing or retargeting campaigns in, for example, email or social media.

Urban Airship connect

Connect offers “one-click integration” with a wide range of existing “business systems,” including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Amazon Web Services, among a wide range of others.

Today, the company is introducing a companion product, Urban Airship Insight. Insight offers a real-time view of mobile users to enable marketers and brands to better understand audience in-app behavior. The practical objective of Urban Airship Insight is to answer real questions and help marketers zero in on specific audience segments:

  • Find likely buyers.
  • Identify why users churn.
  • Determine if a new welcome series is paying off.
  • Identify your users’ latest content interests.
  • Export a list of users interested in a specific item.

Urban Airship began as one of many push notifications enablers. However, it has grown beyond that beginning to become a broader audience engagement and analytics platform.

With mobile now the primary platform for many users, and apps becoming a critical component of most brands’ marketing efforts, these kinds of tools and data insights are important in understanding user behavior, reducing churn and gaining a more holistic view of customers.

According to an audience survey by Localytics, most mobile users will try an app a little more than four times before uninstalling if they’re not sufficiently engaged. That survey also found that people use roughly 18 apps per month. However, an earlier comScore report said that users engage with 25 apps per month but spend roughly 80 percent of their time with three favorite apps.

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Greg Sterling is a Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land. He writes a personal blog, Screenwerk, about connecting the dots between digital media and real-world consumer behavior. He is also VP of Strategy and Insights for the Local Search Association. Follow him on Twitter or find him at Google+.



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