Origami Logic Launches Enterprise Marketing Intelligence Platform For Cross-Channel Analysis


Origami Logic marketing campaign reporting platform

Today, Origami Logic released its new Marketing Intelligence Platform to help enterprises aggregate and analyze their online marketing activities in real time.  The platform is designed to help marketers move away from cumbersome data collection and spreadsheet reporting and to make faster, informed decisions.

Opher Kahane, Origami’s founder and CEO said in the announcement, “With our Marketing Intelligence Platform, we make it easy for brand marketers to measure the performance of their activities, no matter where they are being executed. This significantly closes the feedback loop, enabling marketers to become more agile and to make better decisions, faster.”

The platform is powered by search functionality from which marketers can find, filter and tag events and campaigns across brands and channels for analysis and reporting. In a demo using a global marketer’s social campaign data, the search functionality and filtering tasks worked quickly.


Data can be pulled in from a variety of sources, including websites, social channels, ad systems, email platforms and mobile apps as well as offline sources such as CRM systems, surveys and more. Kahane also said some clients were importing third-party data from vendors such as Nielsen.

“Marketing has become too complex to measure manually. Unfortunately, that’s how many organizations are operating today. What marketers need is a solution that standardizes and automates their performance measurement – so they can focus on driving brand value.” said David Spievack, VP, Research & Analytical Services at Visa, an Origami Logic customer.

Once campaign and even data is tagged, segmentations are visualized on the reporting dashboard. Marketers can also assign engagement scores and weighting on actions such as likes and comments. The reporting is all drag and drop and users can easily add text and comments, share dashboards and manage reporting access.

Another recent entry in this space is Beckon, which can suck in reporting from APIs and even parse information seemingly frozen in PDFs of media buys. Like Beckon, Orgami Logic eliminates the need for IT resources and is aimed at big brands.

“Having all our marketing performance data in one place allows us to be more effective. With Origami the information is always up-to-date and we have the flexibility to see what really matters at any given time – so we get more time to be strategic and build our brand,” said Brandon Ramsey, VP of Fox Sports in a statement.

Among Origami Logic’s other launch clients are T-Mobile, Citi and Pernod Ricard.

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