Well played, Google: Advertisers (finally) get more device bidding controls


Just last week, I submitted this column with the title, “Is it time for Google to rethink Enhanced Campaigns?” The piece I wrote was rife with criticisms of the desktop/tablet-centric campaign structure advertisers have been stuck with, and it proposed some possibilities for an upgrade.

And just like that, before it was time for my original submission to publish, it happened. Google announced Tuesday that advertisers will now be able to specify the device of their choosing as the base bid for keywords, and then layer on separate bid modifiers for the other two device types.

This is great news for advertisers, even if embracing this golden gift did mean that I had to totally rewrite a perfectly good but scathing account of the old campaign structure.

In this freshly written column, I’ll walk through the benefits of the new bidding possibilities and explain how advertisers should be thinking about optimizations in the coming weeks and months.

[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Andy Taylor is a Senior Research Analyst at RKG, responsible for analyzing trends across the digital marketing spectrum for best practices and industry commentary. A primary contributor to the Merkle | RKG Blog, Dossier, and quarterly Digital Marketing Report, his 4+ years of experience have seen him master and provide valuable insights into topics that extend across paid search, comparison shopping engines, display advertising, SEO, and social media. Prior to coming to RKG, Andy worked as an event organizer for a political campaign and dabbled in freelance writing. A graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Economics, he likes to spend his free time watching documentaries and selling homemade ice cream sandwiches at farmer’s markets with his girlfriend.



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