How To Cross-Promote Social Media And Mobile Applications


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Social media and mobile applications are two of the fastest-growing digital entertainment and communication media today.

Many consumers are using both social media and apps daily (sometimes at the same time), and, because of this, it has become crucial for companies and organizations to cross-promote their social media presence and their mobile applications.

While the strategy to tackle this effort varies, there are some surefire ways to effectively promote both to continue to grow digitally as a company.

Social Media Incentives

If your company’s mobile applications are paid, then using social media to offer them for free on a certain day to any Facebook fan, or offering a few downloads as part of a contest or giveaway, can be a great way to increase the awareness of the application via social media.

If app promo codes are going to be a regular occurrence, let your social media fans know so they can be sure to connect with the company’s profiles.

Tying In Reviews And Testimonials

Online reviews are important both for the community effect of social media and because reviews are critical for an app’s storefront in application marketplaces. While it’s not kosher to provide incentives for reviews, periodically asking customers to review your app via social media is usually acceptable.

Additionally, posting the nice things customers have said via social media onto the application description section on the marketplace can be a good incentive for people to download the application.

Multimedia Promotion

If an application shares more about a company and its products, it is easy to promote, say, a production studio’s new movie trailer on both the studio’s app and its Facebook and Twitter pages. Offering new product marketing initiatives, such as trailers, commercials, and clever ads via all digital media can be an effective way to spread brand awareness and repeated exposure. Be careful not to overdo it, however — only post once to all media and be done with it.

Cross-promoting via social media and mobile apps in the available areas (such as videos, reviews, and the newsfeed) can be a great way to reach customers in any digital medium through which they have chosen to connect with a brand or company.

Do you cross-promote through social media and mobile applications? If so, let us know your strategies for success in the comments.

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