AdWords Drafts Now Gives Advertisers The Ability To Review Campaign Changes Before Pushing Live



Working with the web version of AdWords can be a bit harrowing for new advertisers, as all changes made would be pushed live throughout the campaign. A new option called “Drafts” is rolling out over the coming weeks that will help advertisers make multiple changes without having to instantly implement them.

It will be quite a helpful tool for agencies, allowing multiple users to collaborate on campaigns in draft mode. Once the draft looks acceptable, it can be applied directly to the campaign or turned into an experiment. A sample draft may be to increase bids across those locations that are converting at the highest clip. With drafts, the changes can be stored, checked and then pushed live once approved. Previously, advertisers would use AdWords Editor to craft massive changes across campaigns, as performing these tasks on the web would force the changes out live.


One of the more genius elements with the release is the inclusion of experiments. AdWords has supported experiments for more than six years, but it has been more of an advanced implementation to set up. Allowing a draft to be crafted with the ability to go live as an experiment is a brilliant move by Google, as it takes the hassle out of the setup, since the two are inherently similar. Instead of just pushing the new draft, users can now turn it into the experiment, get the confirmation they need and go with the winner.

Look for these changes to roll out to your AdWords accounts over the coming weeks with current support in many “Search and Search Network with Display Select campaigns” campaigns.

For more information, see the official blog post from Google.

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